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We are committed to providing children who are victims of human trafficking, abuse or violence with comprehensive care. Our actions range from rescue, medical and psychological care, education, training and accommodation to reintegration, and are conducted with a lot of love.

To date, more than 7,000 girls have been rescued by AFESIP with the support of the Solyna Foundation.



Born in 2000 into a poor family, Sreymach lost her mother at a very young age and her father subsequently sold her along with her sister. She was raped in 2004 by the man who bought them before members of the Department of Women's Affairs released them and entrusted them to the center.


Thanks to your donations, Sreymach and her sister have received food, shelter and education. In addition, Sreymach is HIV positive for which she also receives medical care. She is now studying marketing and communication at university and her journey is a great example for newcomers to the center.



Somaly was admitted to the center in December 2016, aged 14, after being raped by her neighbor who tried to kill her.


Thanks to your donations, she has been receiving medical and psychological care as well as legal help to bring her abuser to justice for his crimes. There is still a long way to go, however. She has nonetheless continued her education and having passed her school exams in August 2019, is continuing her studies at university where she is studying management.



Sreyti, whose mother is a survivor of sex trafficking and whose parents are divorced, was raped by her uncle while living temporarily with her father's family at the age of four. She was admitted to the center in 2009 because of her difficult family situation and for the first time dared talk about her abuse with the team there.


Thanks to your donations, she received help and care before being able to return to live with her mother in 2015, while participating in the community education program and continuing to be monitored by our team. Her future plans are to continue her studies in order to become a lawyer or police officer and help her little sisters.



Channa turned four in 2020 and has been in the care of AFESIP for several years. She is "really happy living in the center and loves to play with dolls".



Sreynin turned nine in 2019 and loves life at the center because she "eats three meals a day and sometimes there is even dessert".

Thanks to your donations, she is learning "how to use a computer and also to speak English". She would like to become a teacher later on.



Sony admits that she never received love and care from her family. Today, she says, "I am happy to be at the center with all my sisters. I get enough food to eat well. But more importantly, I have the opportunity to study and be part of a real family – and at my age that is very important.”

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