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The Solyna Foundation was born from an encounter between Chris Wolf, our president, and Somaly Mam, founder of AFESIP (Agir pour les Femmes en Situation Précaire – Acting on Behalf of Women in Precarious Situations) in Cambodia. Following this event, he contacted several friends and together they decided to take concrete action. Under the impetus of Swiss volunteers who were scandalized by the abuse suffered each year by several thousand girls and children in Southeast Asia, the Solyna Foundation was thus created in 2013.


Our mission is simple: to increase awareness of the still under-reported problem of child trafficking and sexual violence against children, and to raise funds in Switzerland to enable hundreds of victims to be rescued, cared for and reintegrated.


In addition to prevention and rescue, AFESIP is involved in the hosting in the center, care, schooling and reintegration of children affected by the above scourges. Our team has been working closely with AFESIP in Cambodia since our inception, both supporting AFESIP activities and raising funds to assist with the rehabilitation of victims and helping them rebuild their lives. Our actions in the field are therefore multiple, their aim being to provide comprehensive care for victims.

Visage d'une statue du temple Bayon à Angkor au Cambodge


Soins médicaux
Soins psychologiques

Removal from the risk environment or place of aggression and hosting in the center.

Emergency care related to the aftermath of abuse and regular medical follow-up.


Personal and group support according to the trauma experienced.


Public schooling, reinforced by English, computer, dance and meditation classes.



Support for learning a practical trade or joining a university course.


A new start in life and personal follow-up for five to 10 years.

We also offer legal support to victims who wish to take steps to obtain redress, as well as participating in a community program to help under-privileged children attend school or receive training. Finally, we strive to undertake prevention in sensitive places, whether in villages, police stations or brothels.


The children in our center live like a big family with the older ones helping the younger ones. Psychological support groups are set up and many topics, including self-help, self-esteem and community life, discussed. Court trial preparation groups are also organized and victims who have already experienced these procedures help others to prepare.


Creative and sporting activities are an important part of life at the center, helping residents alleviate stress and improve their communication skills. All are encouraged to talk about their feelings and experiences as we help them to plan for the future, whether for their future career or just in the short term. These objectives enable them to focus their strengths and thoughts on a concrete goal as part of rebuilding their lives.


Fortunate to be able to rely on generous donors and volunteers, our fundraising team is also extremely active in Switzerland and leverages a number of other sources of fundraising.


Currently our main resource, our benefit gala dinners take place once a year. These are held in Lausanne and Geneva and are attended by an average of 250 people per event. Several AFESIP representatives attend, including Somaly Mam herself, bringing news of the center and the children as well as giving personal testimonies. Our patroness Annalynne McCord – an American actress serving as President of the Together1heart Foundation – unfailingly takes part in our dinners and supports our common mission with great energy.


In 2020, we also started offering those who wish to sponsor a child the opportunity to do so, thus enabling them to create a special bond with the child in question. This in turn provides us with regular income and, alongside our dinners, helps support the center.


Finally, the generosity of many volunteers, sponsors and donors allows us to dedicate ourselves to continuing the fight on behalf of our little protégés daily.

Help us


​From today onwards, participate in providing a better life for our children.​

  • Raise awareness among your family and friends.

  • Participate in or sponsor our benefit gala dinners.

  • Make a donation or engage in a sponsorship.

  • Organize one-off fundraising events.

  • Follow and share our publications on social media.


In 2019, thanks to the support of many donors and volunteers, we were able to donate CHF 213,314 to AFESIP. We would like to thank all those who have made it possible for our foundation to continue its work for the children of Cambodia.

ANNUAL REPORTS (in french)

Annual report 2013


Annual report 2014


Annual report 2015

Annual report 2016

Annual report 2017

Annual report 2018

Annual report 2019


Annual report 2020

Annual report 2021

Annual report 2022

LEGAL Information

The Solyna Foundation is a foundation governed by Swiss law. Composed of a team of volunteers, its sole beneficiary is AFESIP and it supports child victims of trafficking or sexual violence in Cambodia.


The Foundation is registered with the Swiss Registry of Commerce and is subject to the Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations. It is thus classified as a not-for-profit entity that is exempt from taxes. Donations of CHF 100 or more are therefore tax-deductible.

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