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A new center for our protegees!

We would like to share with you today a good news: Tom Dy’s centre has been revamped!

It was thanks to the generosity of the Cambodian government that the centre was completely rebuilt, since the Prime Minister decided to offer all the work.The old infrastructure had become more than precarious and unhealthy, which is why our team is very pleased with this good news that will bring a real change to our residents.

The new buildings will provide not only more rooms but also more infrastructure to care for, feed and educate the former victims. Indeed, the little ones will no longer sleep crowded in a room but will be distributed in small groups and may have a little more privacy. The rooms will be more airy and especially the infirmary which will accommodate several beds. In addition, this infrastructure will provide more security.

This will allow residents to have better living conditions and we are firmly convinced that these will have a positive effect on the morale of our residents and our team on site.The work unfortunately does not include the furnishings and internal equipment of the centre, but there will still be many needs to be met in the coming months.

We’ll be sure to share more photos and information with you on our social networks and invite you to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin!

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