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Thanks to the Kalvin Ride team!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

This week we received the cheque of the donation made by the Kalvin Ride team. Indeed, this Geneva team of cycling enthusiasts has raised funds in recent months in favor of our protegees.

Motivated by the desire to help others, Kalvin Ride members regularly support foundations.That is why, when they heard about our cause and it particularly affected them, they decided to take action.

Thus, in March 2021, they launched a sale of cycling jerseys with the aim of paying us the entire profit.In the colours of their association, the jersey proudly displays the team’s and Solyna’s logos. A constant reminder of the sustained action and a great opportunity to start the discussion on the subject with the other cyclists crossed on the road.

A complete range of cycling with shorts, caps, t-shirts and other accessories quickly complemented their offer.

All of these items were pre-ordered by interested parties and were then personally delivered by bike by team members.A presentation flyer or a live explanation of Solyna’s actions accompanied each delivery.

Orders for jerseys are still possible via their website:

It is therefore with pleasure that we joined their team in Geneva on Tuesday to exchange around a nice aperitif before proceeding to the official delivery of the cheque for CHF 3'500.- in total.

We thank the whole team and the people involved in this action! Your support is heartwarming! 🙏

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